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Book I of the Ahriman Legacy


When the CIA intercepts intelligence on a terrorist attack in Kuwait, Petra Shirazi, a former field agent, comes face to face with the Ahriman, a man named for the Persian spirit of destruction, and who is responsible for a series of bomb blasts that paralyzed the Suez Canal two years earlier. 

As the investigation begins to unravel, the ripple effects threaten to engulf not only the Middle East and its Western allies, but also the darkest secrets of Petra's past.

"Like Grisham and Clancy... this title shines among the genre." -The US Review of Books;  Amazon  Bestseller and semi-finalist in Publisher's Weekly Booklife Prize for Fiction 

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Book II of the Ahriman Legacy


Petra Shirazi settles into a life in Paris under the alias of Ana Zagini. Her new world comes crashing down after a visit from a former Agency colleague forces her back into fieldwork.


As they race to stop a mole that has infiltrated the Agency, they uncover an insidious plot to destroy the leadership of the International Monetary Fund and place it in the control of a corrupt Russian politician.


The investigation spirals downward and she is forced to enlist the help of the Ahriman, now in hiding and presumed dead by most intelligence sources. Together they must face their demons to stop a conspiracy that threatens to bring global commerce to its knees.

"Writing that shines above all else." - Reed Farrel Coleman, NYT Bestselling author of WHERE IT HURTS

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Book III of the Ahriman Legacy


Nine years ago, Agency operative Vik Jennings was brutally gunned down after he infiltrated the inner circles of illicit arms dealer Duc Nguyen, responsible for aggravating numerous conflicts around the world. Seeking justice for Vik, his former colleague Carlos engages the help of retired spy Petra Shirazi and the Ahriman, a retired Iranian assassin.


The team sets up an operation to gather the evidence to take Nguyen down, first at his country home outside of London, and then later during the celebration of his son’s marriage in Madagascar.


The investigation leads them into a labyrinth of deception implicating intelligence agencies all over the world. As the operation unfolds, Petra must keep her relationship with Vik a secret to hide her culpability in his murder from the rest of the team.

"A well-rounded novel that comes alive with her engaging plot and prose, placing her comfortably in a genre dominated by the likes of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, and John le Carré." ~ The US Review of Books




"A must read."

"A page turner."

"So intense it will steal your breath away."

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A standalone psychological thriller


Ebook available on September 9, 2020

A character-driven international psychological thriller that combines Cape Fear with a refugee story during the Gulf War. 

After being beaten nearly to death by her husband Tareq, Mariam awakes in a hospital to the two most frightening words, "You're pregnant." Fearing for her unborn child's safety, Mariam plans her escape only to have it complicated by the invasion of Iraqi troops into Kuwait.


In the chaos, she leaves Tareq for dead and hides out in a refugee camp where she is helped by Raj, a young man who lost his wife in the mayhem of the Gulf War. Together they begin to build a new life, with Raj raising Mariam's daughter Aliya as his own.


Fast forward twenty-five years and their perfect world is turned upside-down when the past catches up to them, threatening everything they've salvaged from the ruins, including Aliya.

"A gripping psychological thriller about the real horror that can come from the people you let in while also hitting the sweet spot between page turner and searing authenticity."
~ Mike McCrary, author of RELENTLESS and HARD HEARTS


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A novel of family, adoption, and a mother's love.


Naina Ranjeeva stumbles upon a lead on the location of her aunt, who had disappeared with her beloved younger cousin, Nitu, when Naina was just a child.


With her aunt's location in hand, Naina travels to the Republic of East Africa, where political upheaval and revolution have caused turmoil for all. 


Her journey eventually leads her to Calcutta where she finds her cousin Nitu and his three-year-old son Nikhil. After two decades apart, the family starts to bridge the gap caused by years of separation.

"An endearing tale of love, loss, and healing..." - The US Review of Books

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A short story collection edited by Tim O'Mara

Down to the River is a collection of twenty crimes stories that take place on or near American rivers from some of the strongest voices in crime fiction writing today. As these stories show, rivers are not only sources of life; they can also be scenes of murder and revenge. Puja's story, "Where are the Boats?" is included in this collection.

All twenty stories were donated by the writers to show their support for American Rivers, an organization that truly understands the importance of American rivers and waterways in the national identity. The authors and American Rivers believe that rivers connect the country as a whole and need to be protected and preserved for future generations.   



Volume II: Every stolen vote is a crime

A short story collection edited by Mysti Berry

Low Down Dirty Vote II is a collection of twenty-two crimes stories focused on the theme, "Every stolen vote is a crime," with a foreword by Scott Turow. The stories focus on politics where the stakes are high as backdrops for spy craft, murder, etc. Puja's story, "Somebody else's game" is included in this collection.

All the money earned from sales is contributed to the Southern Poverty Law Center's programs to fight voter suppression and defend voting rights.