Puja Guha


Puja Guha is the author of Ahriman: The Spirit of Destruction, the first book of The Ahriman Legacy which is currently in progress. She began writing in 2010 by participating in the National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo). She started off with her first book, inspired by the many thrillers that she read growing up.

The idea for The Ahriman Legacy struck her during a family vacation shortly before she participated in Nanowrimo. She was reminded of some nuances about the Kuwaiti political system that became the inspiration for the first book.

Since then, she has written Ahriman: The Spirit of Destruction. The sequel is currently in progress and she hopes to have it ready for publication by next summer. She has also completed another novel ? a family drama that is primarily set in Sudan ? to be released in the next few months.

She has lived in Kuwait, Toronto, Paris, London, and several American cities including New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. Each of these cities show up with varying degrees of prominence in her writing, along with places that she travels to, for both work and pleasure.

Puja is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with work experience in finance and health care consulting. After completing a master's degree in public policy from London School of Economics and Sciences Po, she is now working as an independent consultant on international development programs, primarily in Africa and South Asia.


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